“Students collect WEEE” Campaign

During the 2017-2018 academic year, TUBISAD launched the “Students Collect WEEE” Campaign. The essential purpose of this campaign is to increase environmental awareness in society by collecting WEEE.

Various schools from 23 municipalities attended the campaign to increase awareness about WEEE. By organizing awareness activities, 164.232 students participated in the campaign. Collected WEEE was sent to facilities to recycle. Awards including 12 projectors, 26 laptops,36 printers,4 ping-pong, 18 audios,39 chess,8 balls, 6517 frisbee, 4194 seeds, 56 selfie points and 56 certificates of attendance, were distributed to schools on 5th of June as World Environment Day.

To encourage this campaign for schools, fill in “Kampanya Katılım Formu” “Registration Form” and send them to aeee@tubisad.org.tr.

To download the form, click here.

To download survey of weee student, click here.

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