What is recycling?

Recycling is defined as re-evaluation of the waste (food, beverages packaging, electronic waste etc.) passed through various physical and chemical processes which are included in the production phase again.

Why should e-waste be recycled?

WEEE contains both recyclable elements (metal, plastic, glass) and hazardous or toxic substances (lead, mercury, chrome etc.,) which can effect human health and environment adversely. That’s why, WEEE must be collected and recycled in order to eliminate possible risk factors.

What should I do with my E-waste?

Consumers utilizing electrical and electronic equipment can recycle their products seemed as waste through TUBISAD  Compliance Scheme.

E-waste only “Collection Equipment” are of different size and shaped.They are located by TUBİSAD around Turkey. Consumers can finde nearest E-waste collection points on




TEGV donations for education purposes can be made thru “Don’t waste! Donate” project by sending E-waste. Educational aid for 1253 students were met in 2018, via this project.

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