Vision Mission Policy


With the “Compliance scheme” license awarded by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, TYK provides services to all producers/importers which are obliged to conduct all obligations of WEEE Legislation in Turkey. From past to present, TUBISAD established systems to reveal economic value of rapidly consumed IT equipment and televisions by considering environmental approaches. Moreover, TUBISAD is moving towards to become the leading organization in the WEEE with the aim to balance the dynamics of the sector.


With social responsibility, understanding and assignment by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the main mission of TYK is to publicize the need for source separation of WEEE. TYK adopts professional approach based on reuse, recycle and recovery. By considering this approach, TYK aims the economy and environment to benefit.

TYK as a non-profit organization undertakes the task of coordination between producers, local government and recycling facilities. By raising awareness about WEEE collection and considering sustainability and environmental values, essential duties of TUBISAD are to ensure the transport and recycling of collected WEEE by providing required standards and criteria and report them to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and reach the required  WEEE collection numbers.

Quality Policy

TUBISAD is committed to;

  • Continuously improving the company to this system and fulfilling the requirements of its standards by adopting the health, safety, environment and quality (HSE-Q) system,
  • Reaching purposes of agency and company in a team spirit by considering total quality philosophy
  • Determining inhibitor concepts which improves performance by monitoring business process
  • To raise the efficiency of all processes to international level with the concept of continuous development.
  • To be a model for durable consumer sector by encouraging innovative and creative approaches, training activities that will increase technical and behavioral competencies in an integrated way with environmental, occupational health and safety management systems,
  • Determining if there is any deficiency in the company by assigning internal audit employee to overcome them
  • Being a role model for academic and scientific WEEE studies by supporting business development and protecting the position of the company,
  • Offering suggestions by determining the needs in information, industry and waste management sectors.
  • Carrying out works to raise awareness regarding collection of WEEE at its source
  • Visiting stakeholders at least once a year
  • Ensuring the development of the WEEE tracking software system (TYK - ATS) to reach the final consumer,
  • Increasing the number and efficiency collecting points.

Environmental Policy

Our main environmental policy is to protect our environment, ensure sustainability, control the environmental impacts, reduce the impact of our environmental performance and leave a clean livable environment for future generations by obeying all environmental laws and regulations, continuously improving and realizing this awareness.

TYK is committed to;

  • Providing continuous improvement and development by meeting the legal requirements related to environment and consumer
  • Considering environmental impacts in production investments
  • Minimizing the amount of waste, preventing the pollution at source, giving enough importance to recycling, providing suitable disposal in a way that will not damage the environment, thus reducing the effects on the nature,
  • Training our employees, suppliers and subcontractors about the environment by raising environmental awareness,
  • Continuously improving our environmental management system in order to increase our environmental performance,
  • Periodically reviewing to achieve these goals and objectives.
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